Verve Finance
Verve Finance is a team of dedicated finance professionals committed to delivering the best financial solutions for our client’s current and future needs. Incorporated in 2007 and with a current database of over 3000 clients, Verve Finance has evolved into an independent and resourceful financial services company, providing specific and tailored finance solutions for individuals, the self-employed and businesses. With the multitude of loan products available, Verve Finance is committed to finding the most appropriate solution for each individual.
Wealth Planet Australia
At Wealth Planet Australia we recognise the urgent need for Australians to take control of their financial future. Sometimes making financial decisions about your future can be a daunting experience. Our aim is to alleviate your fears and allow you to enjoy the excitement in achieving your goals. With our clients looking to us for focus and direction for their investment and financial decisions, we are committed to maintaining the highest degree of excellence and professionalism whilst demonstrating integrity in everything we do.
Verve Real Estate
Verve Real Estate has built a sound reputation for being involved with only quality developments, having sold thousands of new apartments and homes off the plan or as a completed product. Based in Melbourne, Verve Real Estate has garnered a wealth of knowledge throughout Australia and beyond. From localised developments to vast expat communities in South East Asia, Verve Real Estate has continually recognised and sourced unique opportunities.
帷幄地產 (Verve China)
帷幄集團成立於1998年, 專業從事房地產以及金融貸款業務。帷幄集團總部設在墨爾本,在中國廣州、上海、南寧設有分公司。公司下屬金融公司、物業發展公司、及房地產中介公司。公司集團業務基本上涵蓋了房地產相關業務的各個方面。集團公司的宗旨是向廣大的海外買家提供從購買、銀行融資、相關法律手續直到後續的長期物業租賃管理的一條龍服務。
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